# Rallista and Your Location

Rallista prefers to have access to your location always, but most functionality will work if you select only while using. The following describes which features use your location, if they need it always, and some details about how and why.

# Mapping and Navigation

Rallista uses your location on the map view as well as throughout the process of navigating a route.

# The Map View

The initial map view uses your location to display and center

# Other Location Uses

Rallista uses your location for some other functionality in the app. This includes finding nearby drives on the browser, recording your GPS to convert to a navigation route (Member & Pro only).

# One Time Uses

Rallista will check your location when loading the event and drive Browser.

# GPS Recording (Member & Pro)

With Rallista Member & Professional you can record your location. While this must be started with the app open, it will continue in the background until you turn recording off.

To Stop Recording GPS Go to the Map View and turn off recording. Once you discard or convert the results to a route Rallista will stop listening for location updates. It will also delete the GPS from your location.

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