# Getting Started with Rallista

Thanks for using Rallista! The following should give you a few quick pointers to get off to a good start. Our hope is that Rallista will make it easy for you to find enjoyable driving experiences, whether you driving prefer alone or with a group.

Browsing Drives and Events

Rallista Main View

The Rallista browser has three sections: Events, Your Drives, and Nearby Drives. Rallista uses your location to find events and drives close to you. To learn more about the Rallista browser or how your location is used, take a look at the following:

The Browser


Creating a Drive

Creating a drive is done by adding waypoints to the road segments you like. The more waypoints you use, the more likely the route goes where you expect.

# Add a Waypoint

Press and hold on the map screen on the road your route should pass through. You can use several waypoints on any road to make sure your route stays on the course you want.

# Remove a Waypoint

Tap an existing waypoint to remove it.

# Keeping your Expected Route

Routing data can change based on several factors. Using less waypoints on larger distances increases the likelihood you route can use a different course.

Creating a Drive Detailed

Signing Up & Using your Account

Signing up gives you access to more functionality as well as the ability to subscribe to better account types.

Managing your Account


Deleting your Account

Creating an Event

Creating an event is similar to creating a drive. The only major differences are Events have "segments" which contain the route, contain additional information, allow inviting drivers, and allow real time location updates for participants.

Different account types (Free, Member and Professional) can create more extensive events with more drivers; longer, more detailed segments, and multiple segments. Events larger than your account maximum are supported and can be quoted by contacting It Haz Fire Large Event Contact

Creating an Event Detailed

Inviting Event Participants

Managing Segments

Creating an Event Larger than your Account Allows

Driving in the App

Driving a Drive

Driving in an Event

Joining an Event

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