Driving a route in Rallista gives you full turn-by-turn navigation for any route you designate. Routes can be driven on the fly, from a saved drive, or as an event participant.

# Driving on the Fly

You can create and instantly drive a route directly on the Map view. This method is great for quickly creating a route, then driving it immediately. The route can also be saved before or after you're done navigating to use again as a Drive or an Event segment.

Rallista Main View

# Driving a Saved Drive

Launch one of your drives or a nearby drive by selecting it in the Event Browser. Tapping on Drive the Route

# Driving in an Event

# Joining an Event

# Joining an Event Automatically

The event organizer can invite you by your username or email to any event they've created. Once they add you, your account will automatically load the event. This works for public and is the preferred entry method for private events.

# Request Event Access

You can request an invite for a publicly listed events.

# Anonymously With a Code

If you have a 6 digit access code for an event you can use it to join an event.

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